Puncturesafe Product Range
There are 4 grades of Puncturesafe...  Please contact us if you need some help in choosing the most suitable grade to meet your needs.

Highspeed Grade
Cars, Vans, Motorbikes, Scooters, Cravans, Trailers
Light commercial vehicles that carry heavier weights can also have the Heavy Duty in the rear tyres

Heavy Duty Grade
Heavy goods vehicles (HGVs) should have Heavy Duty Grade in the trailer and drive wheels and Highspeed Grade in
the steering wheels.
HGVs that are used in an off road and road should have Heavy Duty grade in the steering wheels. For example vehicles
used waste management, quarries, horticultural etc.

Extra Heavy Duty Grade
HGVs working in an environment where punctures are freequesnt Extra Heavy Duty Grade can be installed in all tyres.
All slow moving off road vehicles should have Extra Heavy Duty Grade in all the tyres.
Example vehicles are: Heavy construction, ride on mowers, golf buggies, quad bikes, quarrying, mining.


Cycle Grade
Suitable for bicycle tyres

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