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Puncturesafe Nottingham
We are the approved distributers of this unique Puncture Prevention product range to all vehicle owners in the NG post code regions.

Puncturesafe is applied BEFORE any puncture occurs and PERMANENTLY SEALS PUNCTURES AS THEY HAPPEN

At Puncturesafe Nottingham we can supply: individual vehicle owners, garages and car workshops or car and truck fleet users

If you own a car, van, caravan or bike we can supply and install Puncturesafe at your house or place of work

If you are a fleet user (cars or truck) Puncturesafe Nottingham can provide the installation services for you or supply the correct solution and training to your mechanic.


 If you drive a truck or tractor; lorry or land rover; bike or bicycle; camper or car:- Puncturesafe gives you the peace of mind of knowing that your tyres are protected

Applied before the puncture occurs

Seals punctures – as they happen

Will permanently seal puncture caused by objects up to 6mm diameter 

The seal is guaranteed for the life of the tyre

No need to remove the wheel or fully deflate the tyre

Installed at your home or work in minutes

Tested for reliability and stability up to 100,000 miles

Perfect air retention state in the tyre

Helps extend tyre life considerably

Improves fuel consumption

Improved handling of vehicle

Is NOT a get you home product or foam

  Free for  Motability customers

Why use Puncturesafe?

Punctures are always inconvenient, in fact they usually happen at the worst possible time.

Whether you are in a rush to get to that next meeting, collect the kids from school, make that delivery or setting off on your holiday. For those who have experienced a puncture whist driving along a busy road or even worse the Motorway, changing (or attempting to change) that tyre, can be a dangerous and terrifying experience.

Bought a New Car and there is NO Spare Wheel. You could pay for a new wheel (£150 plus) or try to use the aerosol provided. Or use Puncturesafe to give your tyres that added protection so you do not need to use the gunk supplied by the car manufacturer.

Most drivers consider a puncture as ‘one of those things’ that can happen when you take to the road, an event out of your control.

With Puncturesafe in your tyres you have that peace of mind in knowing that punctures are the least of your worries.

Should you drive over that nail or piece of debris on the road, Puncturesafe will instantly seal the puncture ensuring your tyre maintains its integrity and you can continue on your journey.

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